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We create Comprehensive eCommerce Websites to hereby that you could invest more time developing your own business.

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All-in-one suite

You will get a ready-made website with a web address, hosting and e-mail address.

Custom layout

A web design from scratch to reflects your style and best points of your business.

Fast loading

We build websites on the latest HTML5, they have a fast source code loading rate.

Top 1 Server in EU

Your new website will be hosted at the top one web server in Europe.

5GB E-mail

The Comprehensive eCommerce Website comes with a 5GB email addresses.

Auto renuval

You don't have to do anything, all services will automatically renew every year.

What's included?
All-in-one for a consistent design.

Dedicated for a new or running small and medium sized businesses.

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Your business will be grow up with new comprehensive website.
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Number of sites

Responsive website up to 14 sites, in style of one page, classic or mix custome layout.

coding icon
HTML5 Coding

Fast loading and flexibility with the latest version of HTML5 code.

graphic design icon
Logo Design

Graphic design service to re-create your old or create a new one logotype.

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The Europe’s leading web server with latest technologies on the market.
domain name icon
Domain Name

Domain name with extension to choose.

hosting icon
Hosting Service

Hosting service at the efficient web server in Europe.

e-mail address icon
E-mail Addresses

5 of 5GB email addresses with access by E-mail Client App or Webmail.

ssl icon
SLL Certificate

Website with enabled Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), accessed in HTTPS.

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Can your business become better with new technology?
photography service icon
Photography Service

12 hours of Commercial Photo Service with 4h of photo session about your business or products and 8h of post-production process.

video production icon
Video Production

6 hours of Video Production Service with 2h of video session about your business or products and 4h of post-production process.

apps icon
Operating Apps

Installation, compilation and launch of a number of necessary applications for service and communication with your customers.

support thumb
We work to ensure that your business prospers and brings
12h service icon
Business support

The right level of support for production environments. Itneus Business Support provides 12/5 access to technical support. The purpose of this is to provide a first response within 12 hours to your critical incidents (criticality level P1). It also gives you the option of requesting additional cloud architecture services (on quotation). With Premium Support, your support requests are prioritised over Standard Support customer requests. We recommend it for non-critical environments.

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We work to ensure that your business prospers and brings
photography service icon
Photography Service +

Extra 12 hours of Commercial Photo Service with 4h of photo session and 8h of post-production process.

video production icon
Video Production +

Extra 6 hours of Video Production Service with 2h of video session and 4h of post-production process.

apps icon
Operating Apps +

Installation, compilation and launch of a number of necessary applications for service and communication with your customers.

Don't miss our amazing video production!
Video presentation is a short form of a video clip from several seconds to a maximum of 2 minutes. Its purpose is to promote your products or services by presentation of importent and positive attributes.
Please look at this video sample
The logo reveal is short video animation clip to present you logo brand. Mostly it is used as an opener of your video presentation or other of business video form.
Please look at this logo reveal sample
The video banner is usually published in the headers of the main page of th website instead of the classic slider images banner.
Please look at this video banner sample
See why people love ITNEUS.
ITNEUS Comprehensive Business Website Premium Website eCommerce Website

ITNEUS offering three types of comprehensive websites, developed to different business needs.
All-in-one website inclusive: logo design, web design, own domain name, hosting service,

  • E-mail addresses,
  • Graphic design service,
  • Commercial photography service,
  • Video production,
  • 12h Support.
logo of thomas the painter
Painting Service Website

Out of all the websites that I have ordered from this time, this is the 1st one that didn't require any complaints.

Thomas The Painter
logo of stankowie
B&B Website

Upgrade of our website has always been above and beyond, Itneus support has been very reliable.

logo of Agate Nail Studio
Nail Studio Website

You will not find a best web designer such as ITNEUS. We understanded each other in simple and easy way during create my website.

Agate Nail Studio
logo of I take Photographs
Commercial Photography Website

Everything is great about my new website, from design quality to flexibility..

I Take Photographs
The best comprehensive websites.
Created with innovative technology.

Our main task is create your website to showcase your Business in the best possible manner.

Watch a projects
Consulting services

Let's talk us by phone or e-mail first. After that we will meet in person to pay you as much attention as possible. Stay in touch by apps or e-mail.


Agree with a domain name, style, layout and get basic assets to us. Up to 14 days we will present your new website design and do review session.


When the project meets your expectations, we will register or transfer your domain name, install the hosting with e-mail and launch the website

We keep current technical standards W3C.

We listen to your needs.

Elements and Features

To design eCommerce Website

Alert Boxes
Call To Action
Column Grids
Info Boxes
Media Embeds
Pricing Tables
Social Icons

What's new in

Promo Boxes
Process Steps
Text Rotator
Retina Ready
SEO Optimized
PDF online
We have answers.
The Comprehensive eCommerce Website has all-in-one to start, including Web Design, Domain name (.com), Hosting Service, up to 5 E-mail addresses, SSL certificate, logo design, instalation and Support by Phone or E-mail. You also get access to full range of Addons such like: photography service, video production, extra e-mail addreses and more.
The Comprehensive eCommerce Website starts at €---/mo with options for monthly or annual payment plans. See which Comprehensive eCommerce Website is right for you.
Minimum period of time needed to complete the eCommerce Website project is two weeks. We aim to complete your website in the best possible quality, not in rush. Therefore the deadline is determined from variety of project to project related to customer needs and quick response for asking assets and review sessions.
Our web designers build Itneus websites base on HTML5. The HTML5 is better for Search Engine Optimization, better for the blind and visually impaired, better for content aggregators and feed readers, better for users on mobile devices. better for users on slower internet connections and fewer chances of design breaks.
This is a very important question. Unfortunately you will not able to update and develop the website yourself. The main idea of our offer is to design a all-in-one website. We provide to you all required service related to web design. You can entrust us update of your website on request and save valid time needed to develop your own business. We provide the support 24/7 and develop your website in background to keep it the current standards.
That is exactly what we offer to our elite clients. Comprehensive eCommerce Website with support and maintain 12h/5d. Our advanced website maintenance service include limited changes to your website, security, routine backups, and more. For more information on this, please contact us.
Yes it will, your new website will adapt for modern devices and browsers. The responsive website is a standard an main requirement today to showcase your Business in the best manner.
First we would like to meet with you to discuss all details and requires. After meeting we will send to you a list of details what exactly we need from. The needs could be releted to your domain name, logo design, pictures, imagery, document and media files and other content that you would like to publish on your new website.
Website hosting is a service that keeps hundreds or thousands of files constituting your new website on a web server. This technology enables your website to be accessed via the Internet.
The domain is the unique name, URL destination of your website (ex: You need a domain name to allow user connect with or search your website in browser.
All new websites build to our clients includ basic optimization. Additionally we offer dedicated SEO Services to suit your specific needs website with different variations of optimisation. We build up strategies for your business market and your reach.
Yes, you can transfer your domain name to another hosting any time. From that on, when you decide to transfer your domain name our contract becomes automatically invalid. However, we have a own copyrights to the source code of the website. The transfer of the source code of the eCommerce Website free of charge is possible after 36 months period from the date of the installation. *Providing the high quality support 12h/5d for your website is possible only when it hosted on Itneus web server.
Our commercial photography service is included in the Business Plan, You are not obligated to use it, if you wish you can provide us to required quality imagery to build your new website. If you do not use the commercial photography service, you can use it in the future during the next 12 months.
Logo design service is included in the Business plan. You are not obligated to use it, if you wish you can provide us to required quality of logo brand. Other graphic design services such like a specific icons, graphic, pdf, drawings, maps, banners, etc. to build your new website are optional addons. You can use the logo graphic design service at the project start only.
You are not obligated to order our video production service if you do not need the video clips on your new website or you can provide us to the quality footage.
We do not build our websites based on CMS. We optional provide HTML5 websites integrated with applications or plugins if required. We integrate only proven applications necessary to manage the company, support communication and marketing.
The PHP contact form app is included in the Comprehensive eCommerce Website. Other required plugins or apps installed on your new website will be extra charged but that has to be previously approved by you.
Annual renewal related to your domain name and hosting service are included in your subscription plan. The web design is free of charge but we have a own copyrights to the source core of your website.
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